A Message From Albany County District Attorney David Soares


"Be more than a bystander. You can speak up and speak out against bullying whenever you see it. What you don’t say speaks volumes for you. It also speaks volumes about you. I’m asking you to take a stand against bullying. Taking a stand against bullying means you should tell a family member, teacher, counselor, or friend whenever you see someone being isolated, threatened, or hurt. Be more than bystander. The words we chose matter, use your words to make a difference."

-Albany County District Attorney David Soares

Submit an Act of Kindness using the form below:

Submit an Act of Kindness using the form below:

You can submit your Act of Kindness directly to us by using the form below. Make sure you have a parent or guardian's permission, and read the terms and conditions at the bottom of the form. Good luck, and keep up the Acts of Kindness!

Have you read a great book lately promoting Acts of Kindness? Have an inspiring individual in your life that motivates you to complete Acts of Kindness? Tell us about it below in essay format for a chance to be recognized for your great work!

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              WORDS 2015-2016 Presentation

    Get involved in your local community!

    Get involved in your local community!

    WORDS  have the power to hurt  or  heal.                        Use them to  HEAL !

    WORDS have the power to hurt or heal.

                      Use them to HEAL!

        Acts of Kindness spread positivity!

        Acts of Kindness spread positivity!


Participation Rules and Conditions

*Please note that all submissions must contain some form of media illustrating your Act of Kindness.  Please send a photo, video, drawing, picture or any other type of creative illustration of your good deeds.  If you would like to drop your submission off in person please call our Community Justice Outreach Office at (518) 275-4735

*Submissions can only be accepted from students grades K-12 that attend school in Albany County, including students that are home schooled.

*Before a winner is selected their school attendance must be verified

*All entries must include some multi-media component: a drawing, a photo, a video, or a social media post including a visual representation of the act of kindness.

*One winner per entry: all group submissions will only have one winning student selected

*Winners will need full permission from Parent/Guardians in addition to academic attendance verification